how to make books in your kitchen…

“Bandit Queen Press is what makes young, female writers of color, such as myself, hopeful about the future. Bandit Queen Press’ very existence expels the myth that self-publishing is unsophisticated and lacks global market potential. Lesley-Ann Brown has established herself amongst the best of wordsmiths in the publishing arena- which she collaborates with in this venture.  Yet, she willingly chose to reflect the spirit of creative freedom through-and-through -even at the level of production. Her hand-made books of literary and poetic brilliance are the very culmination of creative expression. To have a Bandit Queen Press book- is to have a work of art. The invaluable and long-forgotten treasure of reading a book of both skillfully crafted words & materials is a Bandit Queen Press staple. The content of Bandit Queen Press’ works are always thought-provoking and culturally conscious -reading that compliments a lifestyle where creative thought is paramount.”

Issa E. Blank, Clear Clean

“I was soooo pleased to see so many of the poets who made def poetry great, immortalized in such a loving, beautiful and carefully thought-out publication. The choice of poets and poems captured the spirit of modern poetry. It’s a book that I keep carefully packed and bagged. It sits on the shelf next to my first editions of Howl by Allen Ginsberg and Naked lunch by William Burroughs.”

Danny Simmons, Writer, collector and artist.

Bandit Queen Press was founded in 2007 by Brooklyn-born writer/artist Lesley-Ann Brown. Created on a Copenhagen kitchen table, Bandit Queen Press is an authentic response to what it means to publish: to make public.
Inspired by the saying “whoever controls the media, controls the message” Bandit Queen Press has continued, throughout the years, to respond authentically to the continual co-option of art: whether it be written, spoken, and/or visualized. Bandit Queen Press is about returning to humanity’s intuitive inclination to contemplate, create and celebrate in life. Recognizing that the image is mightier than the sword, part of Bandit Queen Press’s goal is to create imagery (with words, visuals and sound) that counter-acts the otherwise debilitating effects of modern, global, corporatized media.
Bandit Queen Press is about sharing ideas in the very way that our ancestors of past shared seeds from a good harvest, or extra fruit from a tree with their neighbors. It’s about looking into our past, studying our relationship to each other, the cosmos, the earth, our relationship to ourselves. It’s about taking ideas (ethereal) and rendering them material. It’s recognizing the universal alchemy involved in everything.

Bandit Queen Press is a movement and has included collaborations with Suheir Hammad, Tony Medina, Willie Perdomo, Ida Marie Therkildsen, Roundtown Music, Claudius Pratt & the Reverend Shine Snakeoil & Co. Donella Martin Braddix of Inspirit Radio, Black Women in Europe,  & Kimia Cafe.