Admit One original art by Andre Amtoft

by Ermias Zeghai

Mustafa – Name of God

Replaying Mustafa’s ‘Name of God’ – it has become the anthem of grief. 

Grief for the thousands of dreams covered under rubbles of betrayal and abandonment. 

A hymn for the naive souls who believed in a world built equal to every human on this planet no matter the amount of melanin floating in their bodies. 

Fairytales told for generations to misguide and hide what has been in front of us this whole time. 

An unspeakable truth, covered and uncovered for centuries, but being blind or wanting not to see has been our way of coping. 

Coping with the veils of lies, manufactured to keep us from loving one another. 

It has always been easier to divide than to unify as one. 

And even though the fabric of the veil is as thin as the line between love and hate, we choose to wrap it a thousand times around our heads just to have an excuse to look the other way. 

We have failed. 

We have failed each other on every level of how it is to be human. 

Even nature is warning us about the careless handling of our time here. 

Still, we cover the rubbles of betrayal and abandonment with the same bricks over and over again, repeating history just so generations to come can read about our mistakes, and probably make the same mistakes as we did, not learning from the past.

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