when bandit queen press was initially announced, I was hyped. the presence and a determination that vibrate through the press’ mission are what movements are made of. history-making begins with ideas like these, as grassroots that become the foundations beneath our feet. lesley-ann brown commands attention from the beginning lines, revealing the connection between a daughter and iconic father. he who seemed to exude strength was now forced to be vulnerable, and she once forced to skip vulnerability when too tender to be strong was now faced with the need for honest assessment, and reasoned forgiveness at an impossible time. the organist’s daughter is the honest and lush journal of an island girl who cuts away delusion with a sharp reasoned knife, bearing no malice toward the human experience’s ache, or the delayed journey answers make to the heart long after the questions have been asked. it is the memoir of a conscious heart, kindly extending its embrace to life, while patiently knowing the delays of reciprocity, as it delights in the oft overlooked joys that peer up at us wondering if we will notice them as we look onto things we hope will look to us with similar regard.– Purple Zoe

bandit queen press is the venue for counter-narratives .

bandit queen press plays with form, structure, materials & content.

 blackgirl on mars: notes on a life in copenhagen (or how my alienation brings me closer to people)

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  1. Beautiful. I love everything about this. I only recently discovered your blog, and apparently you’ve closed that chapter. Nevertheless, I look forward to the published collection in the Spring. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Namaste.

    1. Thank you so much alahyo for not only stopping by, but sharing your thoughts. In the end, a trip to NYC proved to nudge me back to my blog – so continue to stop by, you never know what you will find. Blessings from the land of the Lenape (otherwise known as NYC), the lab

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