When I was invited to create a zine at the Royal Danish Art Academy around the theme of restorative justice, I knew I wanted to invite Trinbagonian activist Gillian Goddard to share her knowledge and experience in organizing and decolonizing local food economies.

The students produced stunning artwork – collages and original artwork appear in these pages. We decided to call it “Villain” as one of the original meanings of the word is “landless peasants”. – something we all could relate to.

It was such a joy to attend Lesley-Anns zine making workshop last year at the academy of fine arts in copenhagen. In just one week we learned about restorative justice through the lens of Gillian Goddard and her chocolate project. We had such informative and inspiring conversations about crops, trade routes, colonialism, belonging, ingredients and so much more. Together we made a beautiful and poetic zine, which left me with a feeling of hope and excitement for the future. On the last day Lesley-Ann cooked us a lovely meal. She is a great teacher, warm and sincere, and so full of wisdom to share. – Sabitha Soderholm